Company Profile

National Brokers Insurance Services Inc. has grown to become a leading Canadian and international broker of property and casualty insurance products and services.

Whether your organization operates around the globe or locally, we are your connection to the international insurance world.

Our licensed professionals take a pro-active consultative approach to understanding the risks in your business, resolving problems and recommending insurance that covers your operations from all angles.

Our goal is to be a one-stop for your insurance needs, including:

  • Commercial Insurance
  • Personal Insurance
  • Group Insurance
  • Special Insurance Programs

National Brokers Insurance pledges to do what is right for its customers. We will achieve the best results based on what is social, economical, ethical and environmentally conscientious.

Call it a mission statement, a vision or just our promise to clients and employees, we have a set of core values that guide our approach to doing business and creating client solutions.


Our clients expect nothing less from us, and we strive to deliver the highest levels of customer service and product excellence. That’s one reason why we discuss the “Circle of Operational Excellence” with our clients – ensuring they are aware of their coverage options for commercial insurance, personal insurance, life, disability and group benefits.


From our staff training to our technology investments, we ensure our systems and people deliver a top-quality solution for clients. As an example, much of our operations are paperless, which helps to ensure client files and information are available on a confidential basis to any licensed team member. That means any of our team members can help you when you call, even if your regular contact is out of the office.


National Brokers Insurance is recognized in the industry and among clients for its strong experience, responsive client service, excellent product knowledge, pro-active risk management and loss control, and its unique claims advocacy processes. Taken together, these elements help us deliver on the core value of integrity.


From the start, our motto has been: We take pride in caring for our customers! We value the relationships we have built with our clients and insurance companies. Underlying these strong bonds is our commitment to professionalism. As proof, we only have to look at the many client referrals we receive – likely, the best compliment for any business.